Thank You, Star Trek!

My good friend back in Michigan sent this cartoon to me a couple days back. Since I am a life-long Star Trek fan, I have to share this one! Think about it though, how many things from the original series, or TOS, have come to fruition? Live long and prosper, my online friends! πŸ––πŸ»πŸ˜Ž

6 thoughts on “Thank You, Star Trek!

    • Spock is kind of the main character along side of Captain Kirk. Love this series, watching it on the BBC America this morning.

  1. Futurists had a vision of these things way back in the 40’s and 50’s — years before Kennedy made the commitment to go to the moon. How does an inventive mind work that it can even conceive such wonders — and why are so few people wired this way? What if the human brain was not capable of imagination? Disneyland would not even exist. Why don’t we all “think” like Einstein, or Walt Disney? What would the world be like if Steve Jobs had never been born? The fact that we can ask questions can only beg the answers. As Spock would say … “Fascinating”.

    By the way, NBC told Roddenberry that no one would watch Star Trek — that it moved too slow, and the scripts too “cerebral”. It just wasn’t entertaining. To make the storyline more fluid, Roddenberry came up with the idea of the transporter. The characters could simply beam in and out of a scene which saved a whole lot of production time, and the transporter actually became the plot line of several scripts. Simply brilliant.

    • Gene Roddenberry was a brilliant man! Such vision. I wish all humans were this creative. I never watch any of the big three networks. Nasty.

    • James Doohan was a great man! It’s nice to see him the reruns. Makes me sad when my Star Trek people pass on.

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