Traveling South on The 95 Freeway

Here are some photos taken on the way home from the nursery earlier this morning. Now children, never, ever take photos while driving, and at around sixty-five miles per hour! This is a job for experienced drivers and photographers only.

6 thoughts on “Traveling South on The 95 Freeway

    • Very large construction, it’s been going on in that area for years actually. I don’t understand what you mean by getting a File?

        • I see, thanks. You can talk and drive here, but it must be hands-free. If a police officer sees you holding the phone to your face, you’ll earn a ticket! A good law I believe.

    • They are four and five lanes in some areas, Lisa. This freeway is a real stinker at rush hour further south of this area. The fifteen freeway is even worse! Locals can route around the freeways easily, knowing the side streets and roads. 👍🏻😎🌴

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