Johnston’s Ranch

During my short travels this morning, I passed by this place again. I would like to walk around in there to get some photos, but I don’t believe the owner would approve. There are horses boarded here too. Looking at the home from the road, it’s an unbelievable mess, completely trashed. So why would anyone keep a horse there? The land itself is the only thing of value.

6 thoughts on “Johnston’s Ranch

  1. Oh my it does look like a mish mash of things. Like you I would find it fascinating to explore. sometimes when I see places like this I imagine what might have happened to the owner. If I was a good fictional writer, a whole backstory of how things fell into disrepair could be imagined.

    • That sign looks way outta place! There is a link in the paragraph about the place. I shouldn’t be so harsh on the place, but it’s such an awful eyesore!

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