What Does This Mean?

A bit ago, I went through the Wendy’s Drive-Through for that occasional spicy chicken sandwich. Seeing this nonsense, I grabbed the Nikon for the photo. What the hell is this? A bit creepy, aye? And the damn chili wasn’t even ready at 11:20 AM!

Hey Wendy, stop serving breakfast until ten thirty, dumbbells!

I’m going to send an email to Wendy if that’s even possible. It’s my experience that some big companies simply don’t give a rat’s bum about what their customers have to say about the food or other things. Call me cranky…

Perhaps it’s because of the inordinate number of moron drivers I encountered this morning. Example – Mr. Picklenose (a non-word I made up long ago), pulled right out of a parking lot and into my path as I was leaving Wendy without my chili! Call me cranky!

I used to drive big rigs years ago and I’ll tell ya right now, this driver should surrender his CDL.

Is it Beer O’Clock yet?

7 thoughts on “What Does This Mean?

  1. I guess I might have mentioned the sign (and the torn up speaker box) to the person taking orders, to let them know to tell the manager. I doubt the manager knew about the sign.

    • I thought about calling the store – that’s just messed up man! Seems like a threat to me.

      • I was speaking in general terms. I would think you would not be a window clerk harasser. I think that’s what the sign implies. Don’t harass the order taker.

        • I seriously don’t believe that the Wendy’s corporation would smile upon this. It’s just a bit of a threat to me.

          • Those fast-food workers have to put up with a lot of crap from mean people.

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