Will You Take the Heat Challenge?

I have lived in Las Vegas for a bit over seven years now, to the best of my memory, this kind of heat has been here just once although it’s been close to one hundred fifteen before. This is extremely dangerous heat!

The National Weather Service is warning the public here ahead of time, taxpayer money well spent. I’ve seen these extreme temperatures before in Baker, California in years past, one hundred twenty is fairly common for that area.

Guess who’s going to be staying at home during these extreme heat days? I will try to avoid driving too, that much heat is not good for any piston engine!

18 thoughts on “Will You Take the Heat Challenge?

    • Thanks, you too!! Your being in a rural area helps you though. Homes in my neighborhood are packed in tight. I went out very briefly this morning for a couple things, good to go staying home until Monday now.

  1. Ah, I realise that kind of heat can be really dangerous for anyone with any underlying health conditions, and even many perfectly healthy people can’t stand it. However for me that’s like paradise, when most people start to melt, I start considering not wearing a jumper šŸ˜€ Avoid the heat and stay safe!

  2. Oh my goodness John! I am certain we would melt on the spot with those kinds of temperatures. Your plan to stay inside and stay cool sounds like a good one. Do take care and hoping all in your area can find safety from such extreme temperatures.

    • Hi guys, thanks! This is dangerous heat, my AC is running well, let’s hope it stays that way.

  3. yes, stay at home seems the best one, be careful dear John, it is toooooo hot… I can’t imagine. Thank you, Love, nia

  4. And we’re having unusually cool temperatures for this time of year. (64 F). I’m freezing! And now it’s started to rain. Why don’t we compromise on the weather and all of us win?

    • Thank you. I won’t need to go out again for at least two days now. This is basically what I was doing before this horrid virus, as a retired guy. šŸ„”

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