Into The Desert Heat

I took a drive out of the city for a little while today to the usual places I like to visit, please excuse the redundancies. Today there was much less traffic out there than the last trip out about one month ago which is great. There is usually a little less traffic in summer due to the heat, but it’s even less now which I suspect that damn virus is responsible for.

Without a zoom lens, it’s very difficult for me to capture good photos of those sweet little Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. Only one attempt to photograph one was slightly useable. This amateur photographer can’t justify $2600 bucks for that 70/200mm zoom lens for the Nikon Zed 6 lens. Unless someone wants to help with the cost, haha!!

This is round one of about sixty photos taken today. While outside in the sunshine, I grabbed a couple photos of the truck with the new wheels for insurance purposes as suggested by my local insurance dude. It was very hot out there, even at 3200+ feet above sea level!

17 thoughts on “Into The Desert Heat

  1. Beautiful redundancies. It’s interesting how squirrels can run around on hot asphalt.

    • My guess is no as there were two of them scurrying about the truck on the pavement, and very close to me. I need to keep some oats and seeds in the truck!

        • Yep, I did a bit of research the other day on proper treats to feed birds, squirrels and such. NO bread! Not even peanuts if I recall correctly. Bird seeds and oatmeal seem to be best for them, have nutritional value and low or no carbs that they don’t need. Neither do we…

          • Good for you, checking it out. I could have cried when I saw a mother giving her little boy cheezies to throw to the ducks. Bad for the ducks and bad teaching for the kid.

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