Shades Of Green

About three days ago I added some Moon Juice fertilizer to the new Sago Palm’s roots. I keep an eye on them daily, the larger tree on the right side still has the awful discoloration of the fronds which as you may know, does not mean the tree is dying.

It’s heat-stressed by the block wall, and shocked from the transplanting according to the nursery. Neither tree looks any different as yet, I will check to see how often the fertilizer can be applied. I watered everything early this morning before the forecast 108 degrees sets in!

9 thoughts on “Shades Of Green

  1. I hope the palms do well for you. When does it start to cool down there after the summer heat? they will probably settle in over the winter once the temperature drops a bit.

    • Good question on the temp dropping but it has got to help them. Sometime in September the seasonal drop begins, but it changes too. An example is the summer heat arrived three or four weeks early this year compared to other years here. That’s just one guy’s opinion but I say it’s accurate. I took photos of both Sago’s, drove to the nursery. They say they are not dying, rather, they are in shock from transplant, also the heat from the walls. Apparently they will make it??

      • I’ve thought about investing in one of those personal weather stations that can log data on temperature and conditions. Its nice to be able to look back and correlate conditions with what is happening on the farm.

        • I use a Kestrel pocket size station. Nothing like you need for your farm! It’s very basic but still very useful. I bought it from Amazon but to my surprise, there were two of them in the box upon arrival. Ooops, someone forgot to make sure the quantity was correct! So one goes in the truck… The personal weather stations can get seriously costly, I’ve checked them out.

  2. Those are some hot temperatures you have! Sago palm looks like the perfect planting, and it will hopefully settle into its new home. Also like the other palm and the umbrella’s palm-like addition to the theme. Nice post, John.

    • Thank you, Jet! the Sago is a very slow-growing tree, just what I wanted. Thank God for AC, Jet!!

    • Wow, a comment already! I hope you are right, time will tell. Since everyone wants me to leave, I’m heading out! 😂😎🌵🌴

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