6 thoughts on “Rolling South

  1. The terrain in these pictures resembles the Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range due east of the Salton Sea.

    • I’ve not seen the gunnery range, but did get a whiff of the Salton Sea. How sad it is to me that the state and others apparently can’t find common ground on a restoration project dor the lake/sea. It was once so beautiful as I have seen in photos and videos.

        • Good, the desert should be repaired! I am not a life-long resident of Nevada but after living here seven years, I find it very bothersome the way the desert is mistreated. I find trash in the desert, broken glass and so on. Some folks have no respect for anything. Asswipes!

  2. I am aware of the military’s use of the desert for decades, yes. Offroading is permitted up here in very specific areas only. North of the city, there is a huge area set aside for the dirt bikers, four-wheelers, and anything else that tears the ground up. Looking south to southwest of that area, you get a great view of the Strip and Nellis AFB and the runways.

  3. Just like home in the Imperial Valley desert. Did you know that Patton trained his tank corps down here in the lower desert? You can still see the tracks permanently embedded in the desert floor … which is why the Bureau of Land Management prohibits off-roading in many areas because the finely-grained topography is so ‘delicate’.

    Much of our desert is actually a military reservation where the Navy conducts live bombing. Flight squadrons from around the world come here to train because of the flat terrain and perfect weather. Charles Lindbergh and John Glenn trained pilots here during World War II. Prince Harry trained here with his British helicopter squadron prior to deployment to Afghanistan in 2012.

    The Blue Angels train over a portion of the desert which they humorously call ‘Shade Tree’. Of course, there’s not a tree in sight — only scrub brush and cactus. But the stark beauty of the landscape is ideal when you’re flying 700mph at 50 feet above the deck.

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