The Final Landscapes

These are the last photos from a couple days ago outside of the city. I mentioned in a couple comments this morning that when the temperature is as high as it’s been lately, I can actually feel a slight sting on my skin when the wind blows hard enough. Crazy, right? It’s not the first time I’ve experienced this. Today will bring 111F again, wow! 🔥

14 thoughts on “The Final Landscapes

    • Thank you, Sandra!! I will hibernate inside again, wow! I’m acclimated to the heat, but this heat is downright dangerous… 💀

        • Not to be taken lightly! People are working outside of course, but I hope they take frequent breaks and drink about five gallons of water an hour! Too dangerous for me because of health issues too…

  1. Oh, I wanted to add that the trade-off for the extreme heat is that desert winters are unmatched for their clear, cool, dry conditions.

  2. Up to 120°F in the lower desert (with low humidity — 13-16% — which helps a little). On the coast, we expect 80’s, but with 80% humidity. That’s treacherous because your body’s natural cooling system cannot work properly when the air is so muggy.

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