Crossing Dunedin Causeway

Here is an iPhone photo from 2015 taken while I was visiting family in Tarpon Springs. I often take the car with the old man’s permission of course, and go on a couple hour joyride. I used to live in Dunedin in the early 1990s and know the area very well. Do I miss Florida?

Read about the Dunedin Causeway.

Yes, but not the damned hurricanes and humidity. It’s so bad. Those are two good reasons why I decided to stay here in Las Vegas after my divorce. Florida is a beautiful state but it’s a bit like Nevada in that the heat isn’t for everyone. Gladly, we are spared the terrible humidity here!

4 thoughts on “Crossing Dunedin Causeway

  1. Yes we have the humidity for sure. Jacksonville isn’t as bad as Tampa Bay though. I go visit my kids and I can’t breathe. Now it was quite pleasant in January when I was there last. The pandemic has caused me to stay put even to see them. I love Honeymoon Island State Park. 😊

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