The Old Timers

Welcome to five years ago way down south in southern Georgia. My father and I were on an antique car tour that covered a few hundred miles and crossed the Florida Georgia line a few times. This is an unforgettable trip with dad, one to be cherished. Dad is ninety-two years young now, and still taking these antique car tours! An amazing and wonderful man!

These are iPhone photos

8 thoughts on “The Old Timers

  1. It is wonderful you and your father got to take a memorable road trip together! Bless him at 92, still taking these tours!

    The oldest one on either side of my family was 106 when they passed on. I think that is the record for my family.

  2. Cool processing! But….I’d like to see the original image on the first one with the lineup of the automobiles. Which one is your dad’s?

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