What Year Is It?

This morning, I had to make a very quick trip to a local business that has a fax machine I can use to fix a serious mistake in my taxes. Ooops!! All better now.

I was a bit early, the business hadn’t opened yet so I waited. Then, this sweet old Ford van pulled up, I really wanted to hop out and have a look, have a chat with the owner but he was an older gentleman so I didn’t bother him. It looks great and the engine even sounds good too.

Do you know what year this van was manufactured? Perhaps 1960 something?

9 thoughts on “What Year Is It?

  1. My father always wanted a VW van. I forget what they used to call them. He traveled a lot down to Kentucky to see family, and liked to camp along the way. Dad, an engineer and former Marine, converted a 69 VW Beetle into a camper! The van would have been much more comfortable for him, but he was a very thrifty, make-do person.

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