Staying Green!

The new Sagos and the Lantana have made it through the recent extreme heat event with lots of green left. Early yesterday, I added more Moon Juice to the Sagos. They are both still very stressed but only time will tell. If they die, I will probably put two Med Fans in like the one in the center. Meanwhile, the Lantana is very happy to be baking in the desert sunshine!

10 thoughts on “Staying Green!

    • I suppose it has to do with genetics and the generation after generation of plants surviving the punishing desert heat. ??

  1. I’m so impressed with what can thrive in these extreme temperatures. They look beautiful John! Nice work 🥰

    • Good morning, the fronds are turning yellow-ish as they are stressed by heat and transplant. According to the nursery, they are not dead. I’ve never worked with these before, just the Mediterranian Fan palms. I hope they make it!

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