The Farmer’s Car

Now here is likely the weirdest car you’ll ever see! It is comprised of farming implement parts and items used for milking cows among other items. It looks like it is powered by a Chevy 305CID small-block V8 too! I wish I had the Nikon in hand for these photos but they are just iPhone photos taken about five years ago in Georgia.

12 thoughts on “The Farmer’s Car

  1. I’d swear we saw that at the huge Florida Flywheelers Antique Engine Club meet at Ft. Mead Florida in January or February 2015. I remember the manure spreader rear end, toilet seats and the MM (Minneapolis Moline) radiator shroud.

    • Hey man, we may have darn-near crossed paths! I can’t recall the location and more, but what are the chances?? Life is a circle in my view. I’ve come across people from years ago over the years thought to never be seen again, to believe otherwise. I can always think of the “one that got away”…

      • It is strange we have come across people thousands of miles away from our home base and yet here they are folks who only live a county away from where our homebase is yet we run into them in New York or Virginia

  2. That’s a weird one. Good thing it has the crappers for back seats, I think a lot of passengers might need those while riding around in that thing.

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