A Sad Playground

My visit today to this park is only for trying some different ISO and other settings on the Nikon Z6. The Closed sign is so sad to me. Our young are being deprived of what should be happy portions or times of their childhood. I like the current settings I’ve chosen so far, it took about sixty photos to come to this conclusion. I wore no mask as the park was 99% empty.

12 thoughts on “A Sad Playground

    • And maddening, Lisa. I spoke with my dad yesterday for a while, many catch-up subjects were discussed. I expressed that I am so sad and a bit angry that my usual twice per summer visits to Michigan can’t safely happen. Expressed the same to my son and daughter. Sadness…..

  1. These are really nice crisp colorful shots. You’ve captured a bizarre moment in time, though, that I hope will never come again.

    • I find it hard at times to keep a positive frame of mind, to believe that this will end sooner than later.

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