Chicky Wicky

My mother would occasionally call chicken Chicky Wicky which has stuck with me for more years than I can remember. Her chicken was second to none and I still wish I had her many different recipes! She also had other things she would say such as in the phone conversation, she would say The Thing Of It Is. So funny, my sister and I would look at each other and snicker. Anyway, just one baked breast, courtesy of the Breville oven, and some macaroni salad. Delish!

Super simple chicky wicky!! 🥰

2 thoughts on “Chicky Wicky

    • I knew a food post would get a fast comment! Thanks, Anneli, it sure was. I think the entire world loves chicken, the perfect meat. Even my super-simple concoction tastes delish. I could have sauteed onions, added a baked tater and so on, but that takes time. I want to eat now! 😂

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