Then and Now

These are all iPhone photos, the first two were taken early this beautiful, sunshiny morning. The bottom photos were taken early last year not long after I purchased the home. Wilson’s cage was under construction! Those nasty, messy shedding pieces of crap trees are gone!

6 thoughts on “Then and Now

    • Thanks! The yard was basically dirt with some small stone left over. It wasn’t cheap to have this rebuilt…

  1. Love Wilson. Desert tortoises are the coolest. Had a friend, now passed some three years, who raised them and any other turtle (including two snappers.) She was crazy about them.

    • Snappers are nasty! I used to come upon them when mowing the lawn in Michigan on the estate I worked for. Nasty critters, gotta have a big thick stick to move them outta the way! Wilson only moves when I move him, such a good pet! I’m sorry about your friend, Tom.

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