The Bee in The Palm Tree

Last month, the tree service pruned both my Mexican Fan Palms. After they left, this tree sprouted the flowers that you just don’t want as this means the tree will go to seed soon. This happened after they were done, so they didn’t miss the stalk.

The company will be back late Monday afternoon to prune these two stalks off at no charge which I think is really nice, but should be paid for. The flowers are swarming with bees which I also do not want, but they are twenty-five or more feet up so they don’t bother me.

My pest control company will be here Monday morning too, I’ve found a rather nasty bug in one of the spare bedrooms stuck on one of those sticky pads. Yuck!!

All I have for photos today besides this one are boring street photos taken yesterday, time to break out the backup drive for some oldies I guess…

9 thoughts on “The Bee in The Palm Tree

  1. It’s better than having to do it yourself and if you pay for the return service, they’ll be more likely to remember you as someone they’ll want to do a good job for any time when you need them.

    • Hi Anneli, I agree, just got back from the bank, grabbed a $100 spot for the envelope. They did do a fine job, what needs to be done next July is wait another one or two weeks before they do the pruning. These would have been gone if I had waited a bit longer. I did try to prune them myself a couple days ago, all I got was back pain! 😂

        • Indeed, wreck is a good word to describe this. I probably mentioned this before, but I have three herniated lower lumbar discs. Two days later, the pain has almost subsided Annelli, and all I did was get three steps up on the ladder with the pruning pole! Nope…

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