16 thoughts on “A Wrinkle of Time

  1. is someone talking about wrinkles of time…???? I don’t have any idea… But I know tacos, should be delicious, when you make please share with me too, I want to try too. Thank you dear John, have a nice day, just think of beautiful things please… Love, nia

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    • Hi Sandra, this is another goofy iPhone snap of me being weird! I need to hit the grocer for the right ingredients for tacos instead of Taco Hell tacos! Today’s forecast is for 106. A typical temperature for July here as far as I’m concerened after seven years here. I still love the heat!

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        • I will, Wilson hasn’t moved much lately due to the extended heat, even for here. I move him every other day or so, but he’s OK. The drive-thru has been too busy when I happen to drive by, so I will have to hit Albertson’s for the real ingredients. Down to 99 just now, a cold front!


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