9 thoughts on “Corny Morning

  1. Do you ever cook your corn in the microwave. Leave a few leaves on the cobs and do them for a couple of minutes. It’s really good and you haven’t boiled away all the nutrients.

    • I had no idea that this could be done, seems like all of the kernels would pop, not like popcorn, but just pop! In Michigan, pop is something sweet we drink. πŸ˜‚

      • The kernels won’t pop. The few outer leaves keep the moisture in and it only takes a couple of minutes in the microwave. You an usually tell if it’s done just by peeling back a tiny bit of the leaves, and you can hear the corn sizzling a bit, but depending on the size of the cob and the age of your microwave, two minutes or two and a half should do it. Easy and really good. Then you peel back the leaves and take a big knife to cut them all off at the base. Butter, salt, pepper, enjoy.

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