Dead or Alive?

I’m not sure. I plan on a short trip to the nursery again with new photos of these Sago Palms. Gladly, there is a warranty on both trees. Maybe I should have planted Med Fans instead?

7 thoughts on “Dead or Alive?

    • Hi Anneli. I just got back from that nursery, asked some questions, and showed the photos. It’s the heat! They aren’t dead. The Sagos they have there are looking very much like mine. I’ll feed them some Moon Juice again after the sun sets, and give them some water. I was told to not water the fronds as it causes more stress. Oooops.

    • I just returned from the nursery, they are not dead, just very heat-stressed. We’ve had a prolonged run of higher than the usual high temperatures. All I can do is add fertiliser one a week, and do not wet the fronds.

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