The Moon Has Spoken

I again drove back to the nursery today where the Sagos were purchased. I showed the gal the photos to which she quickly replied that the trees are not dead at all. We’ve had an odd summer this year as the summer heat arrived one month early, then came five or so days of one hundred eleven degrees and a bit higher. My Sagos are getting baked, but not to death!

A mistake I was unaware I was making is the wetting of the fronds. I never would have suspected that this was a bad thing for the trees. Oooops! Tonight after dark, I’m going to mix up another batch of Moon Juice and feed the trees along with watering them, but don’t water every day now as too much water will cause the roots to actually rot. Wow… We live, we learn.

Their Sagos are stressing too!

7 thoughts on “The Moon Has Spoken

  1. That heat is hard on any living thing, human, animal, and plants. I’m sure they will look good when it gets a little cooler, and they acclimatise to your place.

  2. You’re not alone in trying to figure out what gives with some ailing plants. Like you said, “Live and learn.” At least you made the effort to ask about it and find out what to do.

    • Thanks, Anneli. I’m going to mix up the Moon Juice fertilizer in a few, have it ready for when the sun is down. 106 right now. 😵🍺🔥😂

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