Always Wear Your Mask!

When visiting stores or other places, wear your mask. When you are with groups of fellow humans, wear your mask. When wearing your mask, keep hand sanitiser handy. We can beat this, but you’ve got to wear your mask. Common Sense always says wear your mask!

Yes, I look a bit funny!

15 thoughts on “Always Wear Your Mask!

  1. we wear mask too… even in our own car too… it is really a weird image… to see people all in masks… Be careful stay in safe…Love, nia

    • At first when I read this dear Kristiina, it was not understandable then I thought of this, actually they want people to get immunite against the virus. You know mostly Nordic countries like that… I am not sure which way is better… Please be careful and stay in safe, Love, nia

      • Thank you nia. Our population is very small, here is only 5 million people in the whole country, so we were quite safe during the lockdown for elderly people. We are now very careful when leaving our house for buying food.

        • Yes, this is important dear Kristiina, and of course population plays a big role in this pandemic days. Love, nia

    • Thank you, Lisa!! Well said. I really can’t understand why Americans are not taking this deadly issue far more seriously. Is this because of a sense of entitlement? That and other ideas have circulated inside my skull since Common Sense still has a foothold in there…

      • When common sense was issued, the Trump administration were in their bunkers. Now, we did throw caution to the wind and went down and seen my sister & her family on Wednesday. Wore our masks but was still in close vicinity. Scary times! We did what we needed to do to stay as safe as possible, but not sure it is enough. No hugs but still! It was good to see them & hang out for a few hours. Still can’t do that with the grandkids. Can’t refuse hugs from them so I’ll stay away. 🙂

  2. We all look a bit different with masks, but it is necessary. Keep on masking, and stay safe!

    Infected people can range anywhere from asymptomatic to Death’s doorstep and beyond, and unless everyone is dropping like flies, a number of folks deem it “myth” or “hoax”. Unfortunately, they continue to put the rest of the population at risk.

    • Hi Lavinia! I will absolutely wear that mask. You said it perfectly. I believe that good old Common Sense left the country long ago.

    • Right on! I was out for a short jaunt today, saw several children playing on the equipment at the playground, zero masks! And adults elsewhere, zero masks! And wwhhyyyy is this spreading? 🤬

      • Yeah I see people whenever I go out without masks and not social distancing and it’s just so irritating. I mean you’re putting everyone at risk.

          • I have no idea but I feel like there should be some plan put forth to help make sure people follow the guidelines.

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