7 thoughts on “If They Build The Box…

    • Howdy, I suspect the comps in the totally new and similar homes nearby are at 1 Mill or so. I’m guessing, but having been through home sales a couple times before, maybe I’m right. In any case, that’s waaaay!! over my budget!

  1. Perhaps once the stucco color coat is on and they add some stone accents, it won’t be such a square box. Hopefully, you’ll share a pic of the finished product.😊

    • Hi Ingrid, thanks for your comment. I admit I’m being a bit harsh, but the home has no style! I pass by here once or twice a week, so a photo of the finished product should be easy to get!

  2. Multiple boxes stacked together. Kind of like the boxes in our dance room the cats play in, on and under.

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