Old Sunset

The sky here has been so clear lately that no sunset photos can be taken, I always prefer clouds in the photo to add colors and interest to the image. I’m so bored today, and really don’t feel like going anywhere either. Back in the days before this virus bullshit hit the fan, I was out and about so much more. Have you too had enough of this ridiculous, angering situation?

6 thoughts on “Old Sunset

  1. The photograph is so beautiful.
    “Old Sunset”… standing into the words so inspirational about philosophy! Old sunset… Old… made me to think of this…
    And yes, I am getting bored everyday much more… sometimes I feel so bad… everything in my country makes me sooo much worried… nothing goes fine… goes right… and I can’t do anything… and also there is not any place I can go… I feel like in a cage…
    Anyway dear John, you are not alone… this world really moving…
    Have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

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    • It continues to spread I believe because people are being stupid, not taking this seriously. It’s too soon. Some casinos have reopened on our Las Vegas Strip, not smart. I stay home except for when I have to go out for groceries or mayb e a bank trip. Always wearing a mask!!

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