Carbs On a Plate

A late-night snack, compliments of the Breville!! I’ve been thinking about this blog for a couple days now, it’s rather boring. I don’t know what else to add to the blog besides photography of course and I am not a writer in any way.

When blogging becomes a chore, then perhaps it’s time for a change. The virus has certainly changed my habits regarding the blog. I simply don’t want to go out and about that much anymore because it seems too scary and dangerous.

I find that Instagram is much more interesting and enjoyable because of the high level of interaction with my 200+ followers. That’s not a ton of followers but that’s OK. Because of this, I have considered closing this blog down more than once.

And ya know… Almost nobody would give a shit LOL!! šŸ˜‚ Now shut up and eat your fries…

15 thoughts on “Carbs On a Plate

    • that, and dig very deep into your photography archives. I have gigs of older material to pull from, but it’s not the same as using fresh photos. I’ll stick with this for now. Something that really frustrates me is that WP won’t allow it’s user base to purchase individual space upgrades. Instead, they for your hand into buying that stupid $300 per year Business upgrade. I tried it, it messed my site up! Refunded. Now I am forced to reduce all of my photos down to about 150kb which can seriously degrade your images. Thanks, WP! Brilliant jerks…


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