Stars and Party Lights

Late yesterday, my neighbors over the fence in a different HOA had their usual big party. They have plenty of small parties, but this one is complete with three little tents, a pool that’s there to stay, and a bouncy house. I’ve never met them but don’t complain about the music volume.

Downloading this photo from the SD card this morning was a nice surprise, I love how clear the moon and palm tree are! And the stars too. The lighting on the right is from the aforementioned party, complete with those Edison-style light bulbs, all hanging above everyone.  More to come.

7 thoughts on “Stars and Party Lights

    • Hi, of course! It’s a Nikon Z6 model, mirrorless, and has the kit lens which is a 24/70mm lens. I want the telephoto for the body, but it’s $2600 which I can not justify purchasing.

      • Yikes! That’s up there, but it’s not an inexpensive camera to start with. Take good care of it. Do you sleep with it? I think I would. I’d have it in a locked safe right next to my pillow.

        • (snickering) No, the camera is usually in the living room on a table, always handy. I’m no pro at photography so I really can’t justify the high cost, Anneli.

          The D3300 body had a telephoto, but it was much less costly. I used that lens very frequently, so adjusting to not having one was tough. The tradeoff is that the 24/70mm lens is very versatile except for, of course, reaching out! I’d never used this lens before, have come to really love it. 😎

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