Running an errand early this morning, I stopped to wait at a light and spotted this sign. My immediate reaction? I busted out laughing! Why? You may or may not be aware that I am three times divorced. Oops? Yeah, three times I played the Oops game. Strike three and I Am Out!

Hence, yours truly has lived alone for four years now. I’ve lived alone in the past too because of this nonsense called Marriage. Marriage is absolutely not for everyone. My folks were married sixty-four years, a beautiful example of how a marriage should be.

I think that people are too self-centered today to handle marriage. Yes, I am guilty too. But during number three, I found myself feeling extremely trapped and just wanted out. I wouldn’t believe it until it was gone, but the old man told me she’s taking you for a ride.

And that was and is still true. So, no more marriage for this happily single guy. Can you see now why I burst out laughing? Thanks for listening… I mean reading!

15 thoughts on “Oops?

  1. This really is a funny billboard. Clever with the wedding ring in the spelling. I’m glad you have found your own happiness. This life is too short for anything less.

  2. Very entertaining back story to your fun photo! (I always love the back stories). I agree, marriage is not for everyone. It also can be a lot of work.

      • I am now but we just got married in 2017. Even while we were together for 5 years & then engaged for 7 years, I said I was happily divorced. It’s a state of mind! 😊

        • Wow, I guess so! I’m happy for you two. Just because I had such terrible experiences doesn’t mean I should “look down” on married couples, not going to happen. My mum once said to the ex that I am “hard to handle”! 😂

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