Checking The Lantana Plants

I am keeping close eyes on the two Lantana plants in the backyard. The plant on the west side had plenty of blooms a few days ago, now they are all gone except for some others trying to grow and bloom. The plant on the east side has suddenly burst out with new growth and plenty of blooms. What’s up with this? A plant expert I am not! The Sagos got some Moon Juice today.

9 thoughts on “Checking The Lantana Plants

    • Hi Diane, they were planted about a month ago, maybe a bit longer so I hope they aren’t root-bound. No green thumb here! If they die, they aren’t costly to replace.


  1. Lantana. I have a lot of those here also. In So. Cal. we get hot too. They are heat plants, but do need water. I see you have them in pots. Lantana likes to spread out a bit so being in a pot should be temporary. Mine have died in pots if left too long. Find a nice spot and plant them. They will stay alive. They get woody a bit in the Winter but still are good. You can cut them back and they will come back so they are easy. Pretty too.

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    • Your in So Cal, OK. Maybe I’m watering too much! I know they don’t need much, but with the extended heat I assumed they need more. I’d have to have my irrigation folks run waterlines to them and plant them too. If they croke, I’ll replace them!

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