Crank Up The Heat Again!

Summer 2020 has been nasty in many ways, we can all agree on this but most of you won’t have to deal with our heat.

I’ve lived in Las Vegas seven years now, this summer tops the heat chart very easily, we’ve had one round of 110+ degree heat, now another wave of excessive heat warnings are already underway. Check out these numbers:

10 thoughts on “Crank Up The Heat Again!

  1. Oh my God! yes dear John, drinl lots of water! and be indoors… What’s the temperature inside? It is hot in here too but not as yours… But in here we also have very high humidity so we feel more… Be in cool. Thanks, Love, nia

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    • The temperature inside is a cool 75 degrees. The humidity is currently just 22%. Believe me, Nia, I’m not the only guy hiding inside! This heat is dangerous. 🥵🌞🔥🌴🌵

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      • Yes, I know dear John, please be careful, in my country in the east part temperatures like there… inside is peerfect. climate hits in many places… The wind from North is our best thing but for a few days the wind stopped…


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