9 thoughts on “Buckhorn Cholla

  1. Now these are some fellows one would not want to fall into. Gorgeous photos John. Hoping all is well with you. How are those temperatures? We’ve been melting in the mid to high 80s here. Imagine what we would be like in Vegas!

    • That would be incredibly painful! It has a wonderful defense system, you don’t dare touch it! Your highs are our lows right now, 85 overnight last night. This summer’s heatwave continues all week guys, daytime highs will all be above 100 degrees all week. Today calls for 113 degrees, dangerously hot conditions! Stay indoors and pray the AC holds out!

      • Sending good wishes and hoping your AC stays functional. We don’t have AC as really there are only about 10 days a year when one might need it. We shouldn’t complain as soon enough we will be back to snow.

        • Fingers crossed!! Snow? No thanks! 😂 It’s 95 degrees at 9:30… 🔥🌵🌴

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