Love, Drowned and Broken

Walking along the edge of the lake at Sunset Park this morning, I saw something lighter in color than usual on the lake bottom. This is what is down there, and apparently, it’s been down there a good while looking at the marine growth on it. I have to wonder what happened to the couple? Was there a couple? Maybe a kid broke it and tossed the evidence?

Waterfowl Island

I made that name up but it seems logical to me! I suppose that Clark County Parks thought a Moʻai on the tiny island makes sense because… Well, because it’s on an island! The birds sure seem to like it too, and obviously, use it as a poop station too. Poor Moʻai!

Goose Gang

I arrived at Sunset Park around 9:45 today and got to work with the Nikon. I came upon this goose gang where there was a young couple sitting at a picnic table, apparently feeding the birds. Please, people, don’t feed them!

I am amazed at how very loud they all are when honking in unison, wow! You may notice that one goose has some terrible wing damage on both wings, the bird seemed to have a good appetite, but I doubt the poor bird can fly. So sad. I have more photos coming today.

A Tint Of Blue

I’m using up some extra photos from yesterday with this image, and in the previous upload. I’m back here later, heading out the door soon for some fresh photo ops.

Gass Peak and The Las Vegas Strip

Seen in one photo with the 215 freeway visible, Gass Peak is 6,943 feet tall, but the photo makes the mountain appear much shorter. The mountain is a part of the Las Vegas Range which is the northern boundary of Las Vegas Valley. One of the photos of the Strip shows its entire length which is around two miles I think. The haze and smog are minimal today.

Concrete Jungle

Some of you will recognise this spillway that I photographed sometime during 2019. Taking a joyride, hunting for photo opportunities this afternoon, I passed this place and decided to hop out for some photos. All of the graffiti has been painted over by the city which for me took away some of the grunge effects of the photos if you take my meaning. Thanks, Las Vegas!


This is cycle number two for the Lantana plants, earlier this summer, the Lantana went through this phase where the little yellow flowers faded, shriveled up and fell into the woodchips. At the same time, new flowers are beginning to form and grow. I keep watering the plants, they continue to cycle through their pretty little life unfettered by a pandemic.