Flaming Tailpipes and Baby Safety

Check these old advertisements out! Wow, how time has changed our thinking on vehicle safety and travel. How many of us today would put a baby in a hammock, in a car while moving at sixty miles per hour? Then, we can add something to our exhaust that may catch the car on fire, so very brilliant!! Let’s flare-o-flame out!! 🤪😂

9 thoughts on “Flaming Tailpipes and Baby Safety

  1. It’s always amusing to see old ads! It’s crazy how much has changed and how no one would but any of these things anymore. Especially the baby stuff- that’s definitely not safe lol!

  2. Reminds of the JC Whitney catalogs back in the day, they had all kinds of funny accessories, and sections for different brands of autos.

    1. JC Whitney? Hmm, I recall JC Penny, aren’t they out of business? These items would never cut the mustard today! I hope you guys are all feeling well. 😊

    1. It’s so nutty isn’t it, Anneli! At least the cars were as big and heavy as a tank back then, that could help!

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