New Flowers!

A few more flowers have popped out since yesterday on the ‘west’ Lantana. I was concerned that the plant was already root-bound but apparently not! As I snapped these photos, a bee was buzzing around the flowers but it looked more like a wasp. It soon came after me hence I headed back into the house! The fertiliser I added recently must be working, we shall see.

11 thoughts on “New Flowers!

    • A good guess eh? I think when the temps finally drop, I won’t need to water them twice per day as they usually don’t need much water. How is your squirrel couple doing up there, Lincoln is it? 😊

      • I see Lincoln sometimes and one of the kids. They still chow down on the sunflower seeds. They also are busy knocking down fir cones and then eating the seedy centers of them, so I’m glad they aren’t too dependent on me for food. I’ll keep it up though because in the winter they’ll need that extra boost.

  1. I am glad to hear this, Lantana loves summer and hot days… Thank you, Love, nia

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