Krappy KFC

A couple days ago, GrubHub delivered this overpriced, soggy meal. The chicken was supposed to be crispy, it was nowhere near to crispy. The serving size of mashed taters was pathetically small. I’ve not eaten a thing from KFC for a long time because it upsets my system, to put it politely. I had a feeling I shoulda ordered elsewhere, yuck!

Krappy KFC, sorry, colonel…

5 thoughts on “Krappy KFC

    • I’m glad you still have a good experience with the company, it was a very long time since I tried their food, it’ll be a another very long time. Small, overpriced portions too…

    • Agreed!!! It’s gross. The Real Colonel would not be happy. His name was Harland Sanders I think. I sent an email to the company last year about their ridiculous TV commercials. An insult to the Man’s name.

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