From Start to Finish

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Good late morning from Las Vegas. I’ve been very busy today with catching up on things I’ve let slide including grocery shopping, hence the photos. Some of the photos are not in focus which sucks, I think the iPhone would have done a better job than the Nikon!

I’m a bit burned out on blogging lately which is also why I haven’t uploaded anything earlier. Maybe an upload twice per day would be better?

In this batch of home-brewed chili, I’ve used all of the same ingredients usually used, no variations such as black beans instead of dark red kidney beans, it takes very little to change the outcome of the flavor. I hope you like the way I build a pot of chili!

11 thoughts on “From Start to Finish

  1. I think the Nikon is doing a great job here John. You’re not happy with the photos? Chili is one of my favorite dishes too. It’s easy to adapt to whatever ingredients are on hand. We need to do a big shop here soon. I’m putting it off but the cupboards are getting bare. Enjoy your delicious meal!

    • Hi Sandra, thanks! Just stirred it, had a taste – yum! That’s why I finally headed to the store very early today. Much less crowded which was very nice. The Nikon is fine, I don’t understand why I didn’t get the focus correct since the windows were not blocked, and I had six overheads on too in the kitchen. I don’t use the Auto setting much. No regrets with my purchase at all! 😊

  2. Anneli, thank you for your honesty, I appreciate this. I’ve known for a while that I upload too much content each day, apparently, it’s time to pull back on the throttles… I’ve got one or two more lined up today, maybe! The chili has been cooking for just two hours now, already tasting super!

  3. I think one or two uploads a day would be plenty. I enjoy seeing your photos, John, but with all the other blogs I follow, I find it hard to get through all of them if you post so many. Why don’t you choose your favourite photos of the day and make one or two posts with them and save some of the other favourites for another day? Then people would be more likely to have time to comment, if they aren’t flooded with too many posts. Just my humble opinion. I don’t know if anyone else feels that way. I’d be interested in knowing. The chili looks good, BTW.

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