Desert Views and Cute Critters

After handling some needed banking today, I pointed my ride west and headed out of the city. My destination? That changed after arriving at my first usual stop in Calico Basin. After taking the landscapes, I drove into the basin and sat down in my usual area, hoping to find some Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels.

And sure enough, they came to me like I was momma or pappa! I was grinning from ear to ear as these delicate little animals roamed around at my feet, stopping to sniff my shoes and legs. So adorable! My next trip out there, I need to have some oats in a bag so they can have a proper snack. Gladly, there were very few people there.

Tomorrow, I plan to take a ride into the mountains complete with tripod and a bite to eat as there isn’t much to eat up there unless you are a squirrel! Or any of the other critters up there. Maybe I’ll find some wild horses, so rare but it’s happened just once. Maybe I can grab some photos of the recent fire area too, so sad.

About the photos, the landscape photos are OK, but the photos of the squirrels are not what I’d hoped for. The main reason being the lack of direct sunlight as I was setting on a steel picnic table, directly under the metal roofing or sunshade. A bummer, man! I seriously need the telephoto lens for this camera as they were in the sunshine, but too distant.

But, that’s a $2600.00 price tag… Ouch. Photo time!

31 thoughts on “Desert Views and Cute Critters

    • Thanks, Alphe, I so love to watch them scurry about at my feet, next time I’ve got to have some good for them treats though. Like oats or bird seeds.

  1. they are so lovely and funny. I loved the photographs especially number 9 is my favurite, his paws, amazing holding… Thank you, Love, nia

    • They sure do, they must be for climbing and holding on to things but boy can they run fast! Ziiippp!!! 😂🥰

  2. I always thought these are chipmunks. Well, I’m not and expert, but you sure to have had fun with them. Go for a used lens, John, you can get a great deal on those. I only by used anymore. Stay safe! Marcus

    • You’re welcome! It was sooo much fun seeing them right next to my shoes! They are such precious little animals, made me grin from ear to ear. 🥰

    • Thanks so much! I must admit that the photo was a complete bonus. A lucky click you can say. But I’ll take it! I was snapping away quickly on the shutter button and thought wow, how great!

    • Hi guys! The squirrels made me feel so happy! The guard has not changed as far as I know, in my 7 years here. Get’s lots of traffic over it daily via the Red Rock FD, and people heading for the one parking area on that road for a hike. I used to fly my drone in this area…

  3. Beautiful photos. It looks like those squirrels are into professional wrestling. I really like the first photo and the face off in the middle.

    • Thanks, aren’t they just so darn cute!!! That ‘fight’ photo was a darn lucky click, Timothy. It’s so sweet to see them around your feet too! Sorry… 🤪

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