Taters and Other Things

Good morning! Here are a few photos taken around the house yesterday, I made these potatoes a bit differently, They are soaked in water for a while to remove the starch, then seasoned with Italian and other seasonings and some olive oil. Covered in aluminum foil and baked at 375 for one hour. Delicious!

The antenna is just the two-meter 1/4 wave antenna on the truck for VHF FM ham radio. Did the sunset photo turn out decent? I’ve enhanced the image a whole lot to try for the colorful glow and silhouette. It looks Okay.

The palm tree photo (are ya tired of them?) photo was enhanced big time too. My backyard looks better now that the dead Ash tree is no longer dumping dead leaves everywhere! I’ve been out very early this morning watering the Lantana and those apparently dead Sago Palms too. I think they are dead…

I was going to head into the mountains this morning, but decided to wait until tomorrow as I have got to head to the bank and take care of some financial stuff. The mountains will be there tomorrow, eh? I may have a ride out to Calico Basin though, I’ll decide that in a while. It’s cooler today with the high around 101 for a change, better!  I’m back here later.

12 thoughts on “Taters and Other Things

  1. That backyard looks right out of a magazine – nice work (and nice photo!). The oven roasted potato chips do look yummy 🙂 (never get tired of palm trees…)

    • Thank you! I am a minimalist inside the house and out. The Sago Palms are seriously struggling. The home has AC, so cooking or baking is no bother at all! I should eat more salads… Siri says that 28C is about 84.5F, I wish it were that cool here! It was about 77 overnight, went out back to water the plants early today, it actually feels cold to me, no joke! 😂🌴

      • I forget this! AC just isn’t really a thing for normal homes here in England. For two weeks of the year we tell ourselves we desperately need on and then forget all about it until the next year. 28C is about as hot as it gets here. It might reach 30C today though – which has prompted our government to put out a “severe weather warning due to risk to health” – which I think might make you chuckle at us all 😀

        • That’s just not hot weather in Las Vegas, that’s very comfortable. It would be in my home state though. Warnings are issued to drink lots of water and stay as cool as possible. Folks with health issues must be more cautious. But down here, the 80s are a very pleasant temp range with the very low humidity.

  2. Wilson looks lonely out there. Maybe you should take those taters out there and have lunch at your picnic table. But I forgot, it’s so darned hot out there! I bet Wilson gets pretty hot to touch by the afternoon.

    • He is hot! Poor guy, but he never needs water. the nursery has larger sizes of Wilson, should he get a friend? 😂🌴

        • LOL, you’re funny! The large versions are actually very expensive. Just got back from a ride out of the city, grabbed some landscapes but got some really cute squirrel photos!

          • Get a smaller one then and Wilson can be the dad. Or make one out of clay and paint it. How about a wooden one on a peg like a silhouette? Or look around for something like what I have – a set of rabbits made of brass (or is it copper?) – the stuff that goes blue-green when it sits out in the weather.

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