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Here are eleven photos taken yesterday, I have an overflow of photos apparently! The sequence of the photos is going from the desert, back into the city. Yesterday, I had a nice long chat with my dad up in Michigan, got caught up on all things family which just warms my soul. It’s the best many of us can do during this trying time I guess. He’s an amazing man, he’s ninety-two years young, but has just one ailment – a bad knee! I hope I will fare so well.

Yesterday was also the one year anniversary if you could call it that, of a death in the family. Most difficult to deal with but we all pull through the sorrows together, regardless of the distance. I’ve found that in my fifty-nine years of this life that ‘rolling with the punches’ works well for me. There are things we just can’t change, the best we can do is to adapt to the situation as best we can and keep on rolling down the road of life. Hang on, it’s a wild ride…

Today, I had planned a ride into the mountains but ya know what? I’m not into that just yet, even with my daily one cuppa down the old hatch. Maybe I’ll feel the travel bug in a bit but right now, I am a two hundred ten pound couch potato! Believe it or not, I’ve gained zero extra pounds these last several months since COVID came. It’s rather difficult to find the balance to keep the pounds off when you enjoy the foods I do, and a cold one (or two) in the eve!

Thanks for letting me ramble on this morning, happy Saturday, people!


14 thoughts on “City View Desert View

    • It usually is here, we have 300+ days per year of sunshine! I feel better when the sun shines. Vitamin D overload I guess. 😎🌴🌞

  1. Glad you had a good long chat with your dad, John. And congrats on keeping the weight level during this danged pandemic.And one of the better things about being retired, you can set your own schedule! So by gum, you go on the travel when you are good and ready. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, guys!! I snack but very lightly in between meals. the evening brews don’t help but I apparently balance things well enough. I haven’t worked in four years now, it’s been great doing as I please 24/7 !!

  2. Your attitude about things we can’t change is much like mine. There is enough to worry about without adding those things we can’t control. So nice that your dad is in good health at his age and that you were able to have a chat with him. It’s hard for most of us to make these adjustments of isolation brought on by this virus. I still sometimes find myself shaking my head in disbelief at what has happened to our whole world.
    Loved the photos, especially the one that shows the strata (is that what you’d call it?) of the mountains – how it shows the levels of different types of rock and soil and the angle that shows the upheaval of the mountains over the eons.

    • Thanks, Anneli! I too shake my head and feel a bit angry about the forced isolation this virus has put on everyone. I chat with my son and daughter too regularly but it’s just not the same as a hug and a face-to-face conversation. Nice comment on the geology too, this area was once a shallow sea 200 million years ago. people have found sea shells of some kind high in the mountains!

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