Squirrel Crazy

Have ya had enough of my Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel photos yet! These are the last of them taken yesterday, I had nothing else new left to upload today. How has your weekend been so far? Mine has been very relaxed and mellow around the home.

Had a short ride to the party store for some adult refreshments, that’s about it! By the way, I’d like to say thank you to my followers, I truly appreciate each of you who choose to listen to my sometimes nonsense comments, and like my photography. Thank you! 😎

24 thoughts on “Squirrel Crazy

      • Looks like they aren’t really shy. Ours often are. So, a long lens is needed to get good photos of them here.

        So far, the weekend was already perfect. I hope you have a good time too!

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        • They will come up very close, but don’t move or they scatter off a bit. My only lens right now for the Nikon is 24-70mm which is great for most photography, but I really need that telephoto lens. Too costly for this camera body…

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          • I assume you’re shooting with a full-frame body then? I am using an APS-C body (D7100) and my Tamron 70-300 is doing a nice job, especially with the crop factor. Probably not the greatest lens talking about quality, but it gets me close to the subjects.

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            • Tamron is a good lens, my Nikon is a Z6 model, mirrorless. I wonder if Tamron makes a telephoto lens for it, better have a look around. When I had the Nikon D3300, I had a zoom lens attached most of the time actually.

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              • The only things I find are lens compatibility lists and they talk about adapters. So, probably not a good choice in this case.

                Yeah, same here. I use zoom lenses most often too because they’re versatile.

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                • I did some more research into different lenses for the Z6 body just now, the best option is to try to find the Nikkor Z 70-200mm lens which I’ve looked at before. Just got off the phone with my local cam shop I use, they said check back (again) in about ten days, they may get a few. I thought the lens was around $2200 dollars US, but they say it’s almost exactly $1000 instead. Wow. Some websites lie! I’ve got to have that lens, better suited to my style of photography. I asked about some Tamron alternatives, they need an adapter, no thanks.

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                  • That’s quite a lot cheaper than you thought. I do agree, adapters “Nope!”, not a fan of the idea.

                    I think a wide-angle lens would suit you nicely too as I remember some of your landscape shots. On the other side, you will run less with a zoom lens, which is cool too.

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                    • Exactly, I’ve taken many great (in my view) landscape photos with the older Nikon and zoom, the newer lens has some substantial improvements in part by the mirrorless body.

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