Baked and Grilled

Recent things I whipped up! The baked chicken is so basic yet made a dandy lunch today, the grilled cheese was made late yesterday. I don’t have those flat cheese slices (yucky) so I used shredded sharp cheese instead, worked pretty good! I recall eating grilled cheese as a little boy, everything mother made to eat was always so delicious! We miss you, mom. 🥰

6 thoughts on “Baked and Grilled

  1. You know that green chile goes really well on a grilled cheese sandwich.

    • Nye de nada, never thought of it. There’s chili in the fridge though… 🤷‍♂️

  2. I like Sargento brand sliced cheese. Extra sharp makes a great grilled cheese, so does pepper jack, The wrapped American slices are yucky.

    • Those are what I meant to say, that nasty heavily-processed American cheese. Yuck indeed! I don’t think I’ve ever tried pepper jack on a grilled cheese and I love that cheese! Gotta be extra sharp.

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