Photo Creations

Good afternoon, five of these images are new, the rest are pulled down from the archive and given a ton of crazy processing. Call me bored at home! I’m heading for the bank and a party store soon for some adult refreshments for this eve, I hope your Monday has been a good day.

12 thoughts on “Photo Creations

  1. boring is good… it makes us creative 🙂 I loved them all but especially number 2 and number 4 are amazing… Thank you dear John, Love, nia


    • Hi Beth, yes, it’s an iPhone photo from last year taken as I was waiting to be knocked out to have number 30 tooth extracted. I have a bridge in there now, was an awful experience but it had to be done. Yuck! I cropped this image bigtime.


    • Indeed, but I’m sooo bored, Anneli! I’m on my way to boring folks on this blog almost to death… Your suggestion to upload a couple times a day has worked fine so far but I do have a third upload scheduled for 18:30 hours this eve. It’s tasty…

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