Setting Up The Nikon For The Stars

The other afternoon, I had set the Nikon up on the tripod intending to head to the backyard after dark for star photos. I never went out there. Doink! Maybe tonight, eh?

No plans are planned around here today, just more couch potato time, what about you? Today’s weather will see 107 degrees, beginning Friday through Monday, we have yet another extreme heat event with temperatures reaching 113 to 114 degrees.

As I’ve said in this space recently, this is easily the hottest summer I’ve seen in seven years in Las Vegas. No wonder my Ash tree had to be cut down, the heat probably killed it this summer. Be safe, be well my friends, and please do wear your face masks out there.

6 thoughts on “Setting Up The Nikon For The Stars

  1. I thought maybe you were going to do some live action stars from you bike from the first photo. But I see the bike just happened to be in the photo. I only wear a mask when I go into stores or other public places. It’s not good to wear a mask outside, in your car, and especially exercising.

    • The Kona happened to be there.

      I too only wear the mask when heading into stores. A small pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitiser is in the pocket too.

      Life has changed. Just got an email from my friend up to Michigan, ten new cases in our county now. WTF… Where will we all be in twelve months?

    • That’s a great idea, but I only go out after dark when it’s absolutely needed. And thanks, this mirrorless camera is so much better!

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