My Kitchen, My Sky

Here is a little more of the ‘painted’ effect on my photos, I hope you like these. Of course I have to mention our weather forecast, are you tired of hearing it? Today, 110 is forecast, with 113 degrees each day for a few days this weekend and week.

Holy cow, I hope my old air conditioning system can handle the duty as the replacement cost is huge. If you’re a homeowner, then you know exactly what I mean. Stay cool, stay safe people.

6 thoughts on “My Kitchen, My Sky

    • Hi Anneli, thanks for your thoughts! I agree to a point. In looking t the kitchen images, they remind me of the old master paintings somehow, not that they are anywhere near that level of qualty!!

      • Yes, they do that, but since the kitchen is modern, it doesn’t fit (to my mind) – but art is a personal thing and what appeals to one may not appeal as much to another,

        • That’s a very valid point, Anneli! It’s more modern since I purchased the home, those cabinets are all new. The old ones were screaming to be taken to the dump! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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