From The Hub It Grows

This afternoon, I was out front of the house having a look at the top of my Mediterranean Fan Palm where like a dufus, I cut the very top off of the tree late last year I think.

Never do this again, John! It has managed to grow back now to a point where it’s not blatantly obvious that I did a hack job on the tree! Anyway, I grabbed this photo just because I could! I do seriously love anything with palm fronds on it, how about those gnarly thorns, aye?

12 thoughts on “From The Hub It Grows

    • Trust me, they will bite you! A month or so ago, I was working on the tree, one of the thorns actually got my right thumb dead-on at the end of the finger. OM Gosh, that finger throbbed for a few hours afterward!! Yowzas!

        • Indeed! I still prefer anything Palm though, over anything Deciduous. The last one was that Ash tree out front that up and died a few weeks ago. I’ve cleaned up enough leaves over the years doing the grounds work back home! 😂

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