27 thoughts on “You Need A Taco

  1. I love the contrasting colors of the golden taco shells on the blue plate. I skip the taco shells nowadays, but the rest of it – meat, cheese, lettuce, yummy. Especially with a fresh garden tomato on top!

    • Thanks, Shelley! You are wise to dispense with the extra carbs, I don’t have that much willpower! A taco must have that special crunch. Have a wonderful Sunday. 😎🌮🌴

            • What is the justification for the cost? Simply because certain ingredients are omitted? I’ll be heading to the grocer in a day or three to restock, will look for them. Isle 15 I think!

              • Yes, they’re made organically, and without the nasty vegetable oils and GMO corn and wheat products. It’s a family owned company and their products are good for those with gluten allergies and those who are opposed to the GMO stuff. I really do find that I can’t eat a whole bag in one sitting like I could do with Tostitos – processed carbs are empty calories. TMI?! 😉

                    • OK! Was going food shopping today but that’s on hold as my AC died late last night. Hope to get it back ASAP…

                    • Oh, no, that’s not good news, it’s hot there! I wish I could send you some of our cool summer weather – 47 degrees last night and predicted that for tonight too. I hope the AC gets fixed fast!

                    • Wow, 47 in August? That’s a bit low for this time of year! The AC has been back up for a couple days now, thank God!! That 91 degrees inside was brutal on me. Sorry for the delay, your comment got dumped into my spam folder, not spam!

                    • LOL – yeah, and today it’s only 51 this morning. It’s been a typical early fall kind of weekend. Which is nice. No worries on delays, you know how slow I can be to respond. Thanks for rescuing me from the SPAM folder!

                    • 51 may be the high here in a few weeks, winter can be slightly cold around here, but nothing like Wisconsin!

  2. One for Sunday. Another for Monday. Finally, all I have to say is save the last one for Taco Tuesday.

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