A Desert View, A Bunny and Pruned Sago’s

Good afternoon from sunny and hot Las Vegas where it’s currently 107 degrees at my home. Last eve I decided to ‘go for broke’ with these two sad-looking Sago Palms. Why the heck not, so many of the fronds have completely dried up regardless of my attempts to keep them going. I did some research on the ways to prune them, and the proper time of year to do so.

August isn’t the proper time of year but oh well, they won’t be terribly costly to replace should they kick the bucket. The trim is for ornamental looks, nothing more should they survive, and it’s now much easier to water them. I dug the landscape photo out of the archive which was taken inside the Spring Mountain State Park, up against the Red Rock Escarpment, or fault line.

I think Mr. Bunny was photographed on a walk in a park somewhere along Hualapai Road, southwest of where I now live. Such cute, timid little animals! Not much else to mention right now other than believe me or not, it’s actually a little bit cooler today than it was at this time yesterday. You know darn well you’re acclimated to this climate when 107 feels a bit cooler!

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    • A good question! My best guess is there is a bit of water nearby since this is a Wash. Healthy water? 🤔🤔

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