A Sunset Sky, Lantana and A Desert Tortoise

Here is yet another pseudo sunset from late yesterday, we just don’t have the clouds lately to create something more interesting than these photos.

And this is our monsoon season too, bone dry. Hey folks back east that are being soaked to the bone, send your extra rain back here!

Wilson doesn’t give a crap about the dry monsoon, he’s happy to hang around baking in the scorching Mojave Desert sun.

10 thoughts on “A Sunset Sky, Lantana and A Desert Tortoise

  1. That’s a really dramatic sky! Beautifully captured! And Wilson is so realistic looking. I almost believe that maybe he does come to life from time to time. Just to keep things interesting! That rascal! Lantana is looking beautiful!

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    • Hi Sandra, thanks so much!! He did move just a bit last night, still on the grass though! Finally, there were a few clouds up there late yesterday, gotta try the shots. 🌴

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    • Thanks so much! I was just in the backyard finishing pruning back both Sagos, they look so bad anyway, why not try a prune. I did some research yesterday on pruning these trees. Not the proper time of year but at this point, I may as well give it a go.

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