Breakfast and Lunch

Eggs -n- Toast, a classic that everyone loves, right! A simple, quick breakfast. The fries are organic and have just a very small amount of sodium which is a major win for me. The other two items are chicken and broccoli, with a yummy crust on them.

Just bake for twenty-five minutes at three hundred fifty degrees. I added an extra seven minutes as the fries and chicken were baked at the same time, in the Breville countertop oven at three hundred sixty-five degrees. Perfectly baked!

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      • They are chiles before they turn red. Red chiles are put into ristras and hung to dry. Then they are used to make red chile sauce that is put on enchiladas, tamales, tacos (although salsa is often put on tacos), etc. Green chiles are roasted and then we chop them and put them on about everything edible.

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