Wilson Survives The Heat

Wilson is a survivor, a tough little dude who has taken our increasingly hot summer days in stride. Such a good pet! As you can see by the photos, the heat has slowly increased here at my little piece of Las Vegas. At this point, my outdoor activities consist of heading to the backyard about two PM to give the Lantana a second helping of life-giving water.

They got a good soaking about six AM this morning, along with the Sago Palms. I did a serious pruning on the larger Sago late yesterday, after reading as much as I could find online about properly pruning a Sago. It looks very different, I hope this helps the tree and doesn’t kill it! So many of the fronds were dead anyway, so no big loss if it croaks. I’ll add fertiliser tomorrow…

8 thoughts on “Wilson Survives The Heat

  1. I need a subject like Wilson to practice my wildlife photography skills! He’s perfect! 111 here yesterday and we are heading that way today and tomorrow too. Don’t fail me AC!

  2. Glad your AC is still holding up! It finally peaked at 102 here yesterday around 5:30 PM. It only got down to 59 degrees overnight, so I know today will be another hot one. It has been steadily growing cloudier since I got up, and the forecast is for 96 today, a little cooler, probably due to the clouds.

    • That’s hot for your area if I recall correctly. Stay cool! Chug that water too. Sometimes the overnight low here can be 85 or 90, was 90 when I woke up today at 6 AM!

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